Membership for Artists


    Professional visual artists of different origins and using all media are invited to become a member and to form part of international collective and individual exhibitions organized by GaleriaZero in the main cities of Europe as well in USA and Asia. As well being promoted by means of personalized landing pages, press releases and publications in social media, cultural agendas and art magazines. The unique landing pages may even have their own domain and being promoted by means of different channels. 
    We present 3 options of membership. Basic, Pro and Pro+ All 3 options include at least one exhibition without further costs. Also for international collective and individual exhibitions there are important discounts that makes participation in the events more accessible for all artists. 
    Actually all options include free exposure at least once a year in an art gallery in the center of Barcelona. In 2019 members will be offered as well to exhibit in London , Basel, Paris or Berlin at reduced costs. 
    All members are expected to be registered as well in the free resource where they can create their portfolios, publish videos, announce events, create groups, share their works and meet artists and public in the available chat rooms. 
    We very welcome you to apply forming part of this iniciative and experience the advantages. 
    Membership is specially usefull if you are able to travel to assist the different inaugurations, but is as well recommendable if you just wish to send your work to the planned exhibitions and get the advantages of the different promotion channels.

    All media will be considered including painting, photography, video, installation-art and performance.